Monday, August 9, 2010

Michele Rollins ignores Delaware Conservative Coalition

The Delaware Conservative Coalition was honored last month when around 1200 Conservatives joined us at the Great Conservative Cookout.

We at DCC will be endorsing candidates but want to start these endorsements with no preconceived notions.

In order to keep our new members informed and chose which candidate we will be endorsing we felt it was necessary to organize a debate between Michele Rollins and the other Republican candidates running for Congress.

We started this process a few weeks ago and have been given the proverbial cold shoulder by the Rollins campaign team. Throughout the last 2 weeks we have had emails and phone calls ignored.

The Delaware Conservative Coalition wonders why the "Conservative" candidate would chose to ignore so many possible voters.

The following email was sent to Michele Rollins and her campaign staff on August 5th, 2010. We would ask that you share this information and consider why Michele Rollins has chosen not to respond to so many of us.

Please consider this a formal request to Mrs. Rollins and her campaign. Much of this information was shared last week; we would simply like to ensure all interested parties have all necessary information.

We are proposing a debate between Mrs. Rollins and Mr. Urquhart sometime before the Delaware primary (September 14th). The debate will consist of a moderator (most likely Dan Gaffney of WGMD) and three panelists (to consist of Rick Jensen of WDEL in Wilmington, someone from the Wilmington News Journal and we hope to get someone from WBOC). We envision having the panelists ask all the questions and each candidate getting three minutes to answer the questions and a one minute rebuttal. We would like to keep it to 1.5 to 2 hours.

We will strive to make this process as transparent as possible. The Delaware Conservative Coalition will not know any of the questions in advance. We have a few categories we would wish touched on (such as illegal immigration) but it will be up to the panelists to come up with the questions.

We want this debate to inform the constituents of what both candidates stand for and how each would represent us in Washington. This upcoming election is one of the most important events in our lifetime.

The Delaware Conservative Coalition will pay the costs of the debate. We have asked you first as to your preferred date. Once you accept we will approach Mr. Urquhart's campaign about whether or not they will participate.

We would like to request the courtesy of a reply by Monday August 9th at 12 pm with the date chosen by her. If Mrs. Rollins is unable to participate in a debate before the primary we would request the reason she is unable to schedule the aforementioned debate.

Please send the aforementioned reply via this email address (

We understand that you are busy with the expected duties of running such a large campaign and appreciate your swift response. Thank you again for your time and consideration regarding this important and time-sensitive issue.

The Delaware Conservative Coalition

First in Freedom

Friday, July 16, 2010

Today is the Great Conservative Cookout, FREE for everyone!

Conservatives will gather this evening at Sam Yoder's Farm! The Delaware Conservative Coalition is hosting the Great Conservative Cookout, FREE for all who wish to attend! Bring your family, bring your friends, with free food, drinks, entertainment, and great Conservative speakers tonight should be a great night!

The address is 89 Hunting Quarter Road, Houston, DE ~ or you may use this mapquest link.

We hope to see you there,

The Delaware Conservative Coalition
First in Freedom

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Call to Action ~ First of many

In this time of political strife, we are all trying desperately to bring back Conservative values to America. We at the Delaware Conservative Coalition hope to help you usher Conservative values back into the main stream. In an effort to do so, we present the Great Conservative Cookout!

Featuring Tabitha Hale, of Freedom Works, Senator Colin Bonini, and former Governor, Congressman, and Senator George Allen of Virgina, we expect this to be a great event!

Sponsors include:

State Auditor Thomas Wagner

State Senator Joe Booth - 19th

State Representative Dave Wilson - 35th

State Representative Ruth Briggs King - 37th

Sussex County Councilman Vance Phillips

Sussex County Councilman Sam Wilson

Campaign for Liberty

Alliance Defense Fund

Heritage Foundation

Providence Forum

Delaware Family Policy Council

Women's Watch

U.S. Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell

Congressional Candidate Glen Urquhart

Congressional Candidate Brent Wangen

State Senate Candidate Eric Bodenweiser - 19th

State Representative Candidate Chris Weeks - 14th

State Representative Candidate Steven Rust - 33rd

State Representative Candidate Harvey Kenton - 36th

Cindy Green for Sussex Register of Wills

9/12 Delaware Patriots

Now, here is what we are asking of you. Attached is a flyer with all the information about the event. We want Conservatives to show up in force, but we need more then just that. We need to show people that Conservative events are not just people listening to politicians. We have a band scheduled to play, free food, a moon bounce, and other entertainment. If you have a friend or family member that is unsure of the correct political path, help us put them on the RIGHT path.

We urge you to forward this to your email contacts. We urge you to print out 20 copies of this flyer and hand them out to your friends. When you hand out a flyer, ask your friend if you can send us their email so we can help them elect Conservative candidates. Contact your friends and ask them how many would like to join our email list!

Ask to place this flyer in your church, at your fire hall, even at your grocery store!

Lastly, invite people to follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook group, and subscribe to our blog! Let's get this information out so we may continue the Conservative cause!

Thank you for your time and your help!

The Delaware Conservative Coalition

First in Freedom

Friday, June 25, 2010

Former Senator George Allen to speak at DCC opening rally

Delaware Conservative Coalition Announces Rally

"Great Conservative Cookout" to Feature National, Local Speakers on July 16th

Sam Yoder's Farm, Houston DE - In a year when public sentiment for responsible government is growing, local activists are working hard to build grassroots support for the conservative cause. It is in this environment that The Great Conservative Cookout at Sam Yoder's Farm in Houston, Delaware is being organized as a launch-pad for the public to become involved in the 2010 election cycle. MC for the event, Bill Colley, summed up the grassroots effort when he said, "The time has arrived for conservatives throughout Delaware and even the region to come together, break bread and join forces to take back our country."

The free indoor/outdoor event will begin at 5 pm on Friday, July 16th with a giant barbeque and family style entertainment for young and old alike. Patriotic country and bluegrass music will provide the backdrop for conservative speakers. Headlining the event will be Delaware State Senator Colin Bonini, former Governor, Congressman and Senator of Virginia George Allen and a representative from the national conservative organization Freedom Works.

The event is being sponsored by conservative organizations and candidates throughout Delaware.

The address for Sam Yoder's Farm is:

89 Huntington Quarter Rd,

Houston, DE 19954

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please direct them to Delaware Conservative Coalition via email at